The cyborg bestiary

Final Thesis for IED Madrid
Winner of ADG LAUS 2021, Students - Digital category, Silver

This project tries to imagine the future, using a figure that has been present in the collective imagination along the history and which symbolizes the strange and unknown: the monster.

This bestiary is created using the cyborg theory as the theoretical base, which defends human evolution through technology.

Donna Haraway defends in her work “The Cyborg Manifiesto” that the main characteristic of this future cyborg society will be the destruction of the line that separates the concepts of
animal and human, animal-human and machine; and the physical and the non-physical.

This project takes this aspect to create five monsters or beasts that will conform this bestiary of the future, using different creative technics that mix these dicotomies. These technics are generative design, fabric and illustration.